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Social SEO Killed The Internet Marketing Star

[Originally posted on the Salesforce Down Under Blog] Who'd be a Marketeer these days?  No sooner do you develop new skills that a medium dies and you've got to shift your skill set again!  First Newspapers, then TV, now Email.  Customers are forever changing the way they like to consume information from brands and it looks like it's just happened again.  But don't panic, help is at hand!

Optify1Last month B2B Lead Generation company Optify released a report that told a remarkably interesting story.  The most successful marketeers they surveyed were now investing the most time not in lead  nuturing or website management but in Content Generation.  And guess what?  They're getting results!

It is a trend identified by marketing blogger Robert Dempsey in this interesting post charting the history of marketing on the internet which comes to the controversial conclusion that Internet Marketing, Paid Search and SEO are all on the out and has been replaced by Social SEO.

This is why the smart marketeers are putting all their efforts into content marketing now.  The key to Social SEO is a rich, relevant and regular Social Content Schedule at the centre of a solid Social Strategy.

If you're looking to re-cast your marketing efforts in a way that deliver better results, take a look at these useful resources that can help you join the new wave of marketing

Listening to what your customers are talking about and managing how you deploy this content into the various Social channels is complex to say the least.  Like all complex tasks you need tools.  Radian6 and Buddy Media are two great tools for this recently integrated into the one Marketing Cloud Suite.  You can learn more here about how these tools can help you execute your Social Strategy and achieve great Social SEO!