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Artechulate Social communications


We believe social media activity is best executed in-house. It’s more sustainable, affordable and ultimately more authentic. But that’s easier said than done! We’ve developed services that can either incubate an in-house operation, or provide support to supplement in-house resources.

Profile Management

This program includes ongoing curation of third party ‘affinity content’ (with a proven system for approvals), ghost posting, engagement monitoring and response execution, measurement and reporting. Can also include blog drafting.  Retainer-based

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This proven and systematic process reveals not only the recommended Social Marketing and Communications strategy for a company or organisation, but also the practical methodology and resources required to implement it.  The process is anchored on a series of Discovery meetings establishing overall Marketing and PR strategy as well as available content creation resources and existing activity appraisal.

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A wide variety of content development services to support all stages of the digital marketing journey. From social media posts, to blog posts and longer form articles (for platforms such as LinkedIn Pulse and Medium); to SEO-focussed content hubs; to blog series and eBooks; to email marketing (eDM)  journeys for automated marketing machines. Retainer-based.

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A modular suite of training workshops including a variety of modules such as social networking, personal branding and reputation management, Social content curation and development and corporate brand engagement. Project-based.

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Gareth is by far one of the world’s leading practitioners in social media communications. His instinct for navigating social conversations is an asset for any company who wants to build its brand and cut through the noise.
— Chi Hea Cho, Director of Global Communications & Public Affairs, Ads & Commerce, Google