Helping you articulate your message using social technologies

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Articulate your message using social technology

Helping you articulate your message using social technologies

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Artechulate UK Ltd was founded in September 2012 to focus exclusively on consulting in the use of Social Media in B2B Communications and Marketing.  

Artechulate seeks to assist individuals and organisations better articulate their message using social technologies such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging.  

Artechulate brings a Public Relations (PR) discipline and methodology to the process of using Social Media to communicate with stakeholders - selecting the correct channel, crafting the right message for that channel and building relationships with key influencers.



Artechulate was founded in September 2012 by Gareth Llewellyn to focus entirely on consulting in the use of Social Media within the discipline of B2B Corporate Communications methodology. In 2016 the business was relocated to the UK from Australia. In nine years’ B2B Social communications, founder Gareth's experience includes:

  • Social Strategy development and communication

  • Blog design and content development;

  • Social network monitoring and engagement (both individually and on behalf of a brand);

  • Executive coaching in social networking and blog writing.



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Initial exploratory meetings incur only the cost of a good coffee!  Subsequent client discovery meetings do incur costs by the hour.  Full project involvement is scoped out based on a the daily rate, while training workshops incur an Intellectual Property transfer fee.

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Founder: Gareth Llewellyn

Artechulate founder, Gareth Llewellyn, is a Senior PR professional with 23 year’s public relations experience working both agency-side and in-house – in the UK and Australia – for brands such as vmware, Dell, Toshiba, AOL, Yahoo!, EMC, Benq, Panasonic, Cisco, SAP, British Telecom.

Most recently, he held roles as the Australia/New Zealand Corporate Communications manager for Oracle (2006-2010) and (2010-2012). 

Further details on Gareth Llewellyn's experience and education are available at