Helping you articulate your message using social technologies


Designing Your Social Strategy Blueprint


Helping you articulate your message using social technologies

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Your Social Media Strategy Blueprint

This proven and systematic process reveals not only the recommended Social Marketing and Communications strategy for a company or organisation, but also the practical methodology and resources required to implement it.  The process is anchored on a series of Discovery meetings establishing overall Marketing and PR strategy as well as available content creation resources and existing activity appraisal.  

The resulting comprehensive strategy document and/or slide deck serves as a manual on how to execute the Social strategy and can include the following sections:

  • Social Strategic overview
  • Keyword framework
  • Audience and community overview
  • Influencer strategy
  • Social Content Strategy
  • Social Content Creation Methodology
  • Social Community Engagement Strategy
  • Social Resource overview - human and technical
  • Social Media policy
  • Social Engagement Protocol
  • Issues and Crisis Plan
  • ROI and measurement framework

Artechulate can also devise an action plan for delivery of the strategy, as well as consultancy days to assist in the early stages.  The Blueprint product is designed to ensure a company or organisation can effectively and sustainably in-source ongoing Social activity.  The document also ensures Social Strategy can be briefed in to new employees as part of an on-boarding process. The end-product can be delivered either in manual format or slide deck. The entire engagement is charged either at a flat rate fee or at a daily rate depending on scope.