Helping you articulate your message using social technologies

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Helping you articulate your message using social technologies

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Executive social profile management

If you or a colleague you work with require a higher and more active social media profile but don't have the bandwidth, resources or skill set to make it happen, then this proven service is designed for you:

An outsourced social media profile management service to support your online footprint.

An active and sustained social media profile can contribute a wide range of business benefits including enhanced reputation; higher brand, product or service awareness; market education and a platform for effective social selling. 

Artechulate can curate a consistent steam of "Affinity content" for your profile, schedule its posting at a sustained cadence and monitor its impact, reporting regularly. 

Based on an agreed strategy this program includes the ongoing curation of third party ‘affinity content’ (with a proven system for approvals), ghost posting, engagement monitoring and response execution, measurement and reporting. (Can also include blog drafting, for more on this see our content portfolio.)  

Beyond using such a program to build online profile, activity can also be agreed to translate that profile into real-life influence. Either by targeting sales prospects on LinkedIn or Twitter, or by liaising with the PR team to engage influencers such as journalists and analysts; a social media profile can be a very powerful tool for doing business.

Retainer-based and results-driven.

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