Helping you articulate your message using social technologies


A Dual-Services Model

Helping you articulate your message using social technologies

Profile Management | Content | Strategy | Training 

Insourcing projects or retained outsourcing

Artechulate’s services comprise both an insourcing and outsourcing model.

We believe social is best executed in-house. It's more sustainable, affordable and ultimately more authentic. But that's easier said than done. We've developed services that either help incubate it, or provide support where resources can't stretch to a full suite of activity. 


INsourcing model

The following are proven service models for how Artechulate can assist your business in either bringing an existing outsourced Social Media service in-house, or in kick-starting a new strategy internally.

  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Strategy Blueprint Development
  • Social & Blog Incubation Programs
  • Social Enablement Training

Outsourcing model

Artechulate can offer a number of outsourced services to manage certain activities on your behalf, until such a time that those activities can be brought in house.  These proven outsourced services are charged on a retainer basis and managed through monthly meetings to review and adapt activity.  They include:

  • Executive Social Profile Management
  • Social Community Management
  • Blog Content Development Program  
  • Third Party “Affinity” Content Program

Insourcing Services

Social Media Audit – A quick appraisal of existing assets and activity with top line recommendations for improvement  and a proposal/budget of Artechulate services to assist that improvement.   

Strategic Social Blueprint Development - This proven and systematic process reveals not only the recommended Social Marketing and Communications strategy for a company or organisation, but also the practical methodology and resources required to implement it.  The process is anchored on a series of Discovery meetings establishing overall Marketing and PR strategy as well as available content creation resources and existing activity appraisal.  

Social Enablement TrainingA modular suite of training workshops including a variety of modules such as social networking, personal branding and reputation management, Social content curation and development and corporate brand engagement. Project-based.

Blog Incubation Program - A block of on-site consultancy days designed specifically to kick-start a corporate blog strategy. Includes blog design assistance, blog content strategy development, blog content drafting and blogger enablement training and mentoring. Project-based.


Outsourcing Services

Executive Social Profile Management – Based on an agreed strategy this program includes the ongoing curation of third party ‘affinity content’ (with a proven system for approvals), ghost posting, engagement monitoring and response execution, measurement and reporting. Can also include blog drafting.  Retainer-based.

Social Community Management – Ongoing outsourced Twitter/LinkedIn account management including “affinity content” curation, ghost posting, engagement monitoring, response execution, community growth, reporting and measurement.  Retainer-based.

Content Support Program – Ghost writing and posting of regular blog content (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on budget.) guest post solicitation. Retainer-based.