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Helping you articulate your message using social technologies

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Artechulate has a proven track record in producing content in support of various types of digital marketing campaigns for individuals and organisations of all sizes and across many different industries. Many Artechulate clients have benefited from a combination of an inherent understanding of the success factors in digital marketing content production, as well as extensive writing experience. 

It is very common that amid intensive digital marketing campaigns, in-house teams need support in content production. Not only are resources often too constrained to produce high quality and on-message content, but sometimes writing skills are not available in digital marketing teams that are increasingly far more focussed on technical skills such as data analysis and campaign design.  Artechulate has an excellent track record in providing timely and budget-friendly content support to teams of all sizes, as well as busy executives keen to get their message out and boost their profile. Areas of content support include but are not limited to:

Ghost Blogging

Artechulate has drafted hundreds of thousands of words to support blogs for both individuals and organisations. Founder Gareth Llewellyn has two decades of public relations writing experience and a decade of hands-on blogging experience. Beyond actual content creation, this expertise also includes the strategic and technical understanding required to be successful. 

  • Individual executives might have a point or position they want to communicate generally to the marketplace; or to influence or engage a particular stakeholder or prospect. Artechulate understands how to achieve a wide variety of strategic objectives using the written word, as well as the tactics required to get that message seen by the right audience. 
  • Whether it be a sustained blogging mission or a specific content creation program (such as a defined blog series), Artechulate can support in-house teams in resourcing corporate blogs to ensure they retain momentum and continue to drive SEO success, audience accrual and even lead generation. 

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Social media success is intrinsically linked to Search Engine Optimisation, as much as sales is linked to marketing. While Artechulate is not an SEO consultancy, SEO understanding is an essential part of social media excellence. Artechulate has a proven record in engaging with SEO teams to ensure social media content compliments, not hinders, ongoing SEO campaigns. This has included drafting content for SEO-targeted social media assets or re-drafting blog content to ensure it aligns with SEO keywords or to prevent it attracting Google punnishment.  

Email Marketing

With the advent of Marketing Automation and the dawn of the Digital Marketing "funnel", Email Marketing has taken on a renewed importance in Marketing strategies. As an essential part of any integrated direct marketing campaign, effective email content creation has become a specific art that requires attention to the customer journey, emotive triggers, compelling subject lines and effective calls-to-action. Artechulate has extensive experience supporting teams in campaigns that support lead generation, event registration, asset downloads and sales.

Social media Content

Artechulate has a deep understanding of what makes successful social media content, such as the use of images and hashtags to the timing of posts. We can provide content to support social media campaigns across a variety of channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook - either organic/native or paid. Such campaigns include:

  • Sustained and on-going support of the Corporate voice
  • Event and conference support - before, during and after
  • Customer service and support via Twitter or Facebook
  • Content to support strategic digital marketing campaigns
  • Team enablement training in social media engagement
  • Drafting Corporate Social media policies
  • Drafting Social media voice guidelines
  • Social media data analysis and reporting 

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Curated Content

Artechulate specialises in the art of curated content: carefully selecting third party content that reflects clients' interests and market positions with a view to attracting like-minded audience and stimulating productive engagement and discussion. Otherwise known as "Affinity Content", this effective tactic is a proven way of building organic network and creating sales opportunities. Based on a tried-and-tested formula of content sourcing, social media mark-up, scheduled posting and monitoring; this service has proved essential in building clients' profiles and personal brand awareness. Subject areas Artechulate has extensive experience in curating include: Workplace diversity, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented reality, employee engagement, innovation, entrepreneurialism and start-up culture, cloud computing, "devops" and security, digital marketing and the internet of things.